Monday, May 11, 2015

Management Self-Awareness

How are we managers to respond to such a damn damning statement?

I recently developed a "Supervisor 101 Workshop" with two colleagues. The impetus was the history of chronically poor supervision at my organization.  So many don't even know the basics.  "101." And frankly I was tired of receiving complainants into my office either for an exit interview providing me yet more evidence of what I knew or the visit was to inform me about the misdeeds and unfair practices of their supervisor. 

I've done two sessions thus far and each time, when I listen to myself, I get a uneasy, yet valid conviction, that my 101 skills are not hardwired in me as a, by now, life-long "manager."  

It wouldn't hurt if ALL managers would take this Deming quote to heart, take a few heaping spoonfuls of humility, and look for the ways we make problems for our organizations and our team members.  

There will be a natural reaction to Deming's indictment by most self-respecting managers:  "I'm one of the 15%."

Sorry Charlie.  Odds are you aren't.  

 Thank you Michael Wade.