Thursday, August 28, 2014

Taking Your Work Home With You

Organizations underestimate the damage done, both at work and in the home lives of employees, by an abusive boss.

Michael Wade, The Execupundit

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome Mistakes. No, Really. Welcome!

For those that really think, they know that mistakes are a gold mine. Or can be. Or should be. But most don't know because most people and organizations operate from a model that, whether in theory or practice, mistakes are unacceptable. Successful people work here, we expect success.  We strive for success. Blada, blada, blada. I'm not merely O.K.  You're not merely O.K.  I'm a winner, your're a winner.  We're all winners here.

Classic "hamburger management" as the great, but now obscure (by choice), Adrian Savage*, would call it.  Macho, macho, men.  We want to be macho men.

So many "C Students" remain at the helms of business and industry and failure is not an option on a daily basis in their cultures.  They just don't know that failure can be a gold mine. Maybe because they would have to admit one or two of their own on their way to the top, and that's not how it works.

All this to say -  Listen to this and watch the TED Talk and tell your friends and suggest that they share it some way, some how, with the many many neanderthals out there still infecting business, government, non-profits, small and large, all in "leadership" positions.

Is Conflict Good For Progress?  

* Good luck finding his masterpiece, Slow Leadership.  I queried him personally about finding a copy, and he had no interest in ever reprinting it.  Pricey.  Supply and demand.