Friday, August 2, 2013

Pope Leadership

I no longer have a dog in the hunt re:  gay anything in the Roman Catholic Church.  If Pope Francis confirms there is a "gay lobby" well, he's the pope and he probably has looked into the matter.

In any case, many organizations perhaps have rogue or corrupt corners that have to be dealt with.

So it's not about gay to me, it's about how the leadership of Francis is being exercised in a situation with a rogue or corrupt inner group.

Pope Francis did not say how he would tackle such a lobby in the Curia, the church's central government. But during the June 6 meeting with the Latin American and Caribbean group he raised the subject of reforming the Vatican — something, he said, that “almost all Cardinals asked for” in the meetings leading up to the conclave that selected him as Pope in March. 

“I also asked for it,” he said. “I cannot promote the reform myself — [on] these matters of administration I am very disorganized, I have never been good at this — but the cardinals of the Commission will move it forward.” 

He asked those present to pray for him “that I make mistakes the least possible.”

One of Francis' first acts as Pope was to create a commission of eight cardinals who will help him on Church governance including curial reform. The commission is to meet for the first time in October, although Francis already is consulting them and others. 

Informed Vatican sources tell Newsmax that Francis has been holding a series of brainstorming sessions with Vatican-based cardinals and other senior Vatican officials on how to reform the Curia.


From the cartoon collection of Steve Layman