Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What We Have In Lots of "Leadership" ...

is the problem of lots of narcissism.

Perhaps because I had just wrapped-up a doctoral seminar on leadership, there were two articles that really caught my eye.  I wasn't shocked by the findings, and you likely won't be either, but was pleased with the rigor.  The three studies from two articles were done in different ways, but the upshot is that CEOs are swayed heavily by praise and ass-kissing of all kinds, especially narcissists, and the effects aren't pretty. In short:
If you are a CEO, these studies show how hard it is for you to wade through and tune out all the bullshit and ass-kissing that come with the job.  Those flattering stories that the press wants to write about you are dangerous to your organization's health -- especially if you are narcissist, but even you are not. And all that insincere ass-kissing and agreement from your board and your management team may help them get ahead, but can hurt you and your company. It can fuel an inflated self-assessment of your skills, cause you to cling to failing strategies, hurt your firm's long-term performance, and cost you your job.

There is a lots of detail about these recent studies found here at the source:  Bob Sutton's Work Matters.

The Dissonance...

is almost too much for one bloggerman to handle.

Ultimately the most vexing problems will be handled by the Leader in Rome.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Berkenstocks and only the freshest of fruits and veggies for the next leadership offsite.  There will be free time to get in touch with your inner redwood tree.

Friday, January 27, 2012


of the time "accountability" tracks downward only.

Before my time but did the buck really stop at Harry?    Hard to imagine.  

Diagram:  An E. Original


If it hadn't before, what was left of Western Civilization has just jumped the shark.  So long.  Fair winds and following seas.

Full story here, but you get the idea.

King Saul
King David
King Herod
Jesus of Nazareth
Paul of Tarsus
Simon Peter

and those eccentric leaders:  The Prophets

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coming January 31, 2012

Order now!

So this will most likely appear in the business and management sections at your favorite bookstore.  Buy it.  Read it.  (Oops forgot, you were a C- Student).  Skim it.  Get the armor.  Get the chariot. Then go conquer leader!

So this is so blatantly obvious of a "type" of Leadership Book, I guess I will need to spare you the covers of this genre featuring:

Genghis Khan
Buzz Lightyear
Niccolo Machiavelli
Jack Welch
Napoleon Dynamite and
Mr. Rogers

From the front flap:

It appears that Mr. Parker knows your situation well enough to write a book about it.

Not to mention, it appears that it can help you do everything. And leaders can do everything can't they?

Remedial Instruction

Heard with my own ears.  A senior executive believed that one of their top level professionals had a problem telling the truth.  That person was assigned the Berenstain Bears Book book above and told to write an essay over the weekend about what they learned from it.  

That's leadership for you.